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What is Osmosis?

Osmosis is one of the most scientifically advanced skincare lines available. Their unique philosophy is based on analyzing  the skin and body as a whole to treat skin conditions at their source; restoring beauty and wellness. The Osmosis brand is doctor developed, clinically proven, and oncology friendly.


  Benefits of the Osmosis skin care line:

  • strengthen the immune system
  • increase skin circulation
  • improve scar remodeling
  • repair DNA
  • replenish growth factors
  • re-establish the barrier of the skin
  • restore antioxidant levels
  • activate collagen

The Brand

Osmosis uses clinical ingredients with a holistic, noninflammatory approach, and a focus to find solutions that target the source of aging skin and an array of other skin conditions. Products have a targeted dermal delivery system and are free of toxic chemicals, SLS, artificial colors, and fragrances.

Osmosis is a complete holistic-medical skin & wellness solution.


Spirit of the Island Facial

 This is a 90 minute treatment which includes an hour facial with a  face, neck, shoulder and scalp massage. Steam and extraction are included if required. Completed by 30 minutes of reflexology!. This is a luxurious head to toe treatment. 
Osmosis Signature Facials

Based on Ancient Eastern Medicine philosophies, a 4- point analysis of body temperature, energy levels, skin appearance, and skin conditions determine the products and facial movement techniques. There are two holistic facial options to choose from.

Calming Holistic Facial  

This is a 60 minute treatment designed to calm heat and energy by using ingredients and massage techniques involving light pressure and slow speed. Recommended for skin appearing pink or red.


Stimulating Holistic Facial

This is a 60 minute treatment designed to increase circulation by using ingredients and massage techniques involving deep pressure and fast speed. Recommended for skin appearing dull or sallow.                              


Skin Rehab Facial

This is a 60 minute treatment suitable for acne prone skin types incorporating a holistic facial and wellness assessment, as well as a personalized skin care program created specifically for the client. This gentle but effective treatment targets the source of blemishes, balances oil, and helps retrain skin to maintain a healthier, clearer condition.   


​​RevitaPen with Osmosis Infusion Facial

This 60 minute treatment offers immediate and long-term results with a non-invasive device, RevitaPen, to enhance product absorption and drive active ingredients deep into the skin for optimal skin restoration. This treatment stimulates circulation, softens fine lines, reduces scarring, improves hydration levels and controls breakouts.


Micro Current Facial
Our non-invasive procedure usually offers noticeable results even after just one treatment. Myotonology treatments make the face look healthier, younger, more toned and refreshed by increasing skin circulation and metabolism, improving skin tone, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and increasing hydration and nourishment of the skin.


Microdermabrasion Facial

This 60 minute treatment can help to improve fine lines, rough and dull skin texture, mild sun damage, clogged pores, comedones, and mild scarring. Our equipment utilizes the newest in diamond microdermabrasion technology. You will feel instantly refreshed with no down time needed.                                                                                                                                                                                                   $110.00

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