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  Inis Time is Your Time.


This massage includes hot stones, warm towels, & aromatherapy oils blended with deep or customized touch. Please inform your therapist at anytime during the massage if you would like to adjust the pressure.

This is your time and we want you to enjoy your treatment.

*If you are pregnant in the second or third trimester, please book a Pre-Natal Massage.

 Massage is not available for anyone during the first trimester.  

60 Min. $85.00

90 Min. $115.00

Pre-Natal Massage
This mommy to be massage incorporates hot stones, warm towels, aromatherapy oils and pillows to ensure comfort and relaxation. Massage is not available until after the first trimester.  

60 Min. $90.00


​​Need a spring in your step?

This is a practice where an educated pressure is applied to points on the feet to help increase the body’s own ability to heal. If you feel like you are in a rut then reflexology is for you. Our feet keep us moving forward in life.

Reflexology is great to energize and stimulate you leaving you feeling like new again.

Reflexology is not recommended during pregnancy.

30 minute add on to any 60 Minute Massage $50.00

Why not add a 30 minute enhancement to a 60 min Massage or a 60 min Facial to make it a 90 min treatment!

Reflexology 30 minute add on (to Massage only)



Sea Salt Body Polish




To make your visit more relaxing, feel free to print off and fill the forms ahead of time!

~ Inis Spa Signature Massage ~

~ 30 Min ~ Enhancements ~ add ons ~

Pricing effective June 1, 2022

         ~ Reflexology ~