​ ​​​​​​Massage

  Inis Time is Your Time.

​​​​​​      Inis Spa Signature Massage 

This massage includes hot stones, warm towels, & aromatherapy oils blended with deep or customized touch. Please inform your therapist at anytime during the massage if you would like to adjust the pressure. This is your time and we want you to enjoy your treatment.   

60 Min. $80.00

90 Min. $110.00

Pre-Natal Massage

This mommy to be massage incorporates hot stones, warm towels, aromatherapy oils and pillows to ensure comfort and relaxation. Massage is not recommended until after the first trimester.  

60 Min. $85.00

Couples Massage
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, we are currently not offering couples massage.

(Updated October 6, 2020)
This is the Inis Signature Massage but with two individuals, two tables, and two therapists in one room.

60 Min. $160.00 per couple

90 Min. $220.00 per couple 


This is a practice where an educated pressure is applied to points on the feet to help increase the body’s own ability to heal. This is a very relaxing and holistic treatment.


Full 60 Minute Session  $80.00

Facial and Reflexology Combo  (60 min total in duration, 30 min per service) $85.00
Massage and Reflexology Combo(
60 min total in duration., 30 min per service.) $85.00

30 min reflexology add-on

(add 30 minutes of reflexology to a 60 min massage or 60 min facial to make it a 90 min treatment.)  $45.00

Full Body Exfoliation

(Sea-salt glow exfoliate. Add on 30 minutes to a 60 minute massage or 60 minute facial to make it a 90 min treatment)  $60.00


​To make your visit more relaxing, feel free to print off and fill the forms ahead of time!


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